Project Inspire:


50% OFF tattoos! 

People always want to know if there are any images that i really want to tattoo, so here's the answer. I'd love to tattoo any of these images and will give you the hook-up in order to get to create them!

The T's & C's: 

  • This project is all about creativity, progression, and getting my artwork out to the local, public eye. 
  • To grab this low rate, you cannot make any modification requests to the tattoos. I get creative control so I can push myself and any ideas I may have about color, lighting, and textures. It takes a lot of trust -so I know it isn't for everyone- but if you're feeling brave, we can turn any of these sketches into a rad tattoo!
  • First come, first serve. Once a design has been grabbed, it's no longer available. 
  • Once you schedule an appointment, you cannot reschedule your appointment. Rescheduling means you will go to my regular rate and the sketch returns to the pool.


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